Homeland's Long excursion


The Homeland's Long excursion is here yet again, and to celebrate the SIK100 jubilee it's going to be even longer and better than usual!

The excursion includes corporal visits and fun with other Finnish universities. Traditionally the actual schedule (other than start and end time) of the trip is kept secret for everyone to keep the suspense going.



ATTENTION. signup for the trip is held at the SIK guildroom 24.2. at 7:00

This is preceded by queuing for the night before.

Info on that: https://sik.ayy.fi/en/events/4530/Queuing+for+the+Homeland%27s+Long+excursion



Starts 10.3. at 15:40 @SIK guildroom (maarintie 8)

Ends 14.3. at ~18


Packing list includes at least the next items:


Smart casual clothes


Student card

Travelcard (HSL) or the HSL ticket app

Sleeping gear including sleeping bag (and sleeping pad)

Warm outdoor clothes (Like for real)



And happy travel spirit :)


Price for the trip is 70€

If you want to ask something about the trip, contact the guilds excursion master in telegram: @Nuuskatonmuikku

Bring your frends along, this trip will be remembered B-)