The Guild and You

The main tasks of the Guild are promoting studies and organizing freshman orientation. Additionally, the Guild arranges many kinds of activities. This page acts as a hub aiming to provide a comprehensive view at all the Guild's activities.


What Makes a Guild?


SIK is the second biggest guild in Otaniemi, and such a large organization requires functional and clear management.

Member Services

The Guild offers many kinds of services: for example coffee at the guild room. Most of these are arranged by our Internal Affairs Committee.



An important part of the Guild is freshmen upbringing - and as an activity it does not involve just freshmen.


After all, studies are what we're here for. The guild aims to encourage and promote studies.



Life is not just for studying - you also need a sauna, parties and other entertainment at times.


Sössö is the Guild's wonderful, very own magazine, published since 1969. It is available e.g. in stands all around the department.



Don't do just math exercises - exercise physically as well to bring balance to studies.


The Guild is not about Teekkari-Culture only, but we invite you to other cultural events as well.


International Contacts

The Foreign Affairs Committee maintains relations to other guilds in Finland, and to students all around the world.

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations Committee organizes e.g. excursions and recruitment events. The committee also gathers job advertisements.