Electro Workshop


Guilds electro workshop is one of the guilds services to members. It is free to use for members except for the possible cost of consumed components.

Available Tools

Guilds electro workshop is equipped with all the tools you need for typical electronics project. Multiple different kind of screwdrivers and pliers for assembling or disassembling whatever you need to fix. Multiple oscilloscopes and multimeters as well as other analytics devices can also be found there. Electro workshop has a good reserve of basic components and old abandoned electronic devices that you can use on your projects.

Location and Opening Hours

Electro workshop is located at room i131 in Otakaari 5 though it is a bit hard to find. If you are not good at finding places, your best bet is to visit the Guild Room and ask if someone could show you the way.

Workshop is officially open when there is workshop event in the calendar. Best access to help is also available during the events if you need some with our project. Workshop is accessible on other hours too with a key given to Guilds officials. If you are not Guilds official or you don't have a key you may go and see if the electo workshops door is open or visit the guild room and ask if someone with a key could come to open the door for you.


Upcoming Events