Services to Members


Every working day between 12:00 and 13:15 are office hours in the guild room. If you want to buy something or ask something, that is the time to come and get service.

Electronics Workshop

Our guild has a place for small electronics production: it's called Electronics Workshop and it's located at room 4i131. Electronics Workshop has a wiki page (in finnish) and is located here.

Things to Buy

You may buy also other things in the guild room, amongst them song books, overalls, badges to go with your overalls, and binding material for the binding machine outside the guildroom. There is also a machine to buy cheap candy and you can get coffee for 20cents.

Additionally, there are some PC's to check stuff quickly from the net.


Outside the guildroom you find the new lockers. They are free to use, but don't reserve it if you don't need it, and don't use it for over a week.

Other niceties

In the room next to the guildroom, there are some course books and magazines available for reading. Just come and enjoy yourself!!