The Guild - what is it?


Aalto University's Guild of Electrical Engineering (Aalto-yliopiston Sähköinsinöörikilta ry) is Otaniemi's second largest guild with about 1000 members. Almost all members are students at the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC). Most of them study Electrical Engineering (EST) or Communications Engineering (TLT).

The guild was found as a Club for Electrical Engineering students in 1921. The chairman of the club then said

Because the club assembled now for the first time, let us now express the wish, that the members will always have fun, that life be good, and that electronics are also practised.

Although the times have changed, the club has changed into a guild, and the amount of members has continued to grow, those principles still guide the workings of the guild.

Counterweight to Studying

For having fun, the guild organised various parties and sauna evenings. In this chapter also the various sports and cultural possibilities belong. The amount of those has been increasing in the last few years.

From Sitsit to wall climbing, from singing to the opera. Basically everything can be organised, you just have to propose it!

Social life

It's almost impossible not to find friends and comrades when participating in guild activities. A large amount of the important relations in  persons life is formed during study time, so it's time to be active. The guild unites in a natural way people that came to study here from all over Finland, and also from all over the world.

Electrical Engineering

The guild gives an opportunity to manage the big amount of majors that you can study at the Faculty. It is also responsible for representing the students against the Faculty. In addition, excursions and company visits are organised.