Become a part


Why should I be a guild-active?

  • New friends, similar-spirited people
  • excellent opportunities to try your own capabilities
  • you can try and learn something that you've never ever done before

While being a guild-active, you can learn many things that you'll need later on in working life. Also, it's a great opportunity to get to know new people and make friends. Additionally, it never hurts to have a wide network of people you know when thinking of your future career. There's no material or monetary compensation for being active, but then no one comes to work at the guild expecting those.

Maybe the most important point is, that it's just fun and you can make a difference :)

How does it work?

If you want to become a toimari/board member: Get into contact with the current or future chair person. He/she is usually elected in late autum (Nov/Dec) and is then looking for people for his/her team. That is the best time to propose yourself, maybe even through the webform on the guild?

If you just want to do something: Get into contact with the leader of the committee that you are interested in. They can be found from the 'contacts' list. If you don't know into which committee your idea belongs, contact the chair person.


As toimaris (officers) of the guild every year about 50 to 60 splendid people are elected, that together work on progressing studies in our school, help the freshmen and international students get to know the house and organize program for the guild members.

No matter if you are a coder, a sports person, a language talent, or a professional organizer, the guild definitely has something to do for you!