SIK International Ice Hockey Trip CANCELLED

Ice hockey match at Tampere!

SIK International Ice Hockey Trip CANCELLED

Huom! Tämä tapahtuma on suunnattu killan kansainvälisille fukseille. Tapahtumaan on kuitenkin paikkoja myös kaikille kiltalaisille! 10 paikkaa suomalaisille.


On the 7th of October you have a chance to visit Tampere and experience Finnish ice hockey live when two local teams TAPPARA and ILVES play to see which team is the best in the city! Tampere is the ice hockey capital of Finland with two traditional teams, Tappara in orange/blue colours and Ilves in yellow/green.

The match takes place at the new and modern Nokia Arena which is located just next to the Tampere railway station.

The day starts from Helsinki around 15:00 when we'll leave Helsinki railway station for Tampere. The train arrives in Tampere around 17:00 so there is some time to eat before the match. We will meet in front of the Nokia Arena at 18 before the match. The match starts at 18:30. After the match, we will leave Tampere around 22:00. If you want to stay in Tampere and you DO NOT need a ticket back to Helsinki, inform us in the sign-up form.

The price for the trip will be 50€ max. including the tickets for the match as well as for the train. The price may alter based on the amount of participants. In order for the trip to be arranged, there needs to be at least 15 sign-ups. The amount of spots for the trip will be selected based on the amount and order of sign-ups and tickets available. We try to get there as many people as we can but tickets are popular for hockey matches in Tampere so we can’t guarantee that you get in. Try to sign up as fast as you can so that “your ranking” in order to get to the match is better.

Remember to take your electronic or physical student cards (with picture of you) to the trip, so that you cant get a student discount for the match and train tickets.

By signing-up you AGREE to pay for the trip (train and match ticket) or to get someone else for the spot!

There are 20 spots for international students and 10 for Finnish students. The sign-up will start at 12:00 on Friday 16th of September and will close on Sunday 25th of September at 23:59.

If you have any questions about the event, contact @nenaksin or @ulkomyrsky on Telegram!

Paikka: Helsinki → Nokia Arena, Tampere → Helsinki